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By aaaaa1fas885882, Sep 28 2016 10:45PM

Customers complain more about the performance of their dishwasher than with any of their other appliance. With these simple steps you can keep your dishwasher functioning at peak efficiency and avoid unnecessary repair costs:

• Clean the debris off your dishes and from any filters your dishwasher may have.

• Run hot water at the tap ‘til it reaches maximum temperature before starting your dishwasher to assure you are not washing dishes in cold water.

• Monthly, use a cleanser, such as, 1 cup of vinegar, Dishwasher Magic, or Glass Magic, to reduce the cloudiness or film left on dishes and glassware and keep them looking new.

• Never use anything other than dishwasher soap in the dishwasher.

• Do not overload your dishwasher, an overloaded dishwasher will not get your dishes clean.

• Inspect spray arms to make sure all holes are open.

You can call A AAA A1 Fast Guaranteed Appliance anytime to schedule an appointment for assistance on your dishwasher or any other major appliance.

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